7 Dental Emergencies & How to Handle Them

August 1, 2020

The primary job of the dentist is to ensure that your dental issues are settled. The dentist is trained to diagnose your dental ailments. Be it toothache or dental trauma, the dentist can be the best person to guide.

The teeth form a vital organ system in connection to your cheek, lips, and gums. Apart from chewing and helping in digestion, the teeth provide aesthetic value and can boost your confidence.

Dental concerns might vary, but all dental issues are not dental emergencies. Although the dentist would be able to classify a dental emergency from a common dental issue, with some knowledge, you would be able to segregate a dental emergency from the typical dental ailment.

What are Dental Emergencies?

There are many emergency dentists in Huntington Station. You need to understand your dental issues, and in case of dental trauma, the first thing is to visit the dentist. Any dental emergency or an accident affecting your mouth or gums can be potentially serious and need immediate attention.

If you ignore a dental emergency, you increase the risk of permanent dental loss. An irregular bite, or chewing some hard food might cause bleeding from the gums. A broken or chipped tooth can also be a dental emergency.

Signs of Dental Emergency

You would be the first person to understand the gravity of the dental ailment and determine whether you would need urgent dental care. These signs can help you determine whether your dental ailment needs an emergency dentist.

  • Are you suffering from persistent and severe pain? Severe pain and bleeding can be a sign of a dental emergency
  • A lost tooth needs prompt dental care, and that can potentially save your teeth.
  • Loose teeth can be a sign of a dental emergency, and you might need an emergency dentist.
  • Dental infection, bleeding from the gums, is a sign of a dental emergency.
  • Persistent toothaches might be a sign of a dental emergency.

Common Dental Emergency

Any dental problem needs medical attention either to stop the bleeding or to alleviate the pain. Some common dental emergencies are:

#1: Unexplained Toothaches

Gum infection and dental cavities can lead to persistent toothaches. Severe pain can be a sign of gum infection and a dental emergency. If severe aches do not subside, you should need to visit the dentist.

#2: Bleeding Gums

Abnormal bleeding from your gums can be a sign of a dental emergency. A little bleeding after floss is normal, but if your mouth bleeds regularly, you should visit the dentist. Pain, coupled with swelling, needs the attention of an emergency dentist.

#3: Chipped Teeth

If you suffer from dental trauma, teeth can be broken. A chipped or broken tooth can be dangerous and painful. All you need to visit the emergency dentist immediately. Applying a gauze to the affected area can reduce the loss of blood.

#4: Knocked Tooth

A tooth that has been knocked off from its socket can be replaced in its place. Cleaning the tooth with water to remove the dirt and placing it in its socket can be the primary task. Visiting the emergency dentist is the next task. You can preserve the knocked-out tooth in a cup of milk to increase its longevity.

#5: Lost Filling

Loss of dental filling can be considered as dental trauma. As a temporary measure, you can stick in a sugarless gum into the dental cavity and reduce the pain. Visiting the emergency dentist is a must.

#6: Losing the Dental Crown

When your dental crown falls off, the first thing on the cards is to book an appointment with your dentist. You might look for an “emergency dentist near me,” but consulting your family dentist can help. If possible, you can use clove oil or ice pack to reduce the pain.

#7: Broken Braces and Wires

The metal wires of your braces can be annoying and can stick out. Poking your cheek, gum, or tongue can be dangerous, and you need to visit the emergency dentist immediately.

Emergency Dental Clinic

Kane Dental of Huntington can be your go-to emergency dental clinic. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive emergency dental care. With our pool of trained dentists and in-house specialists, we are ready to treat all your dental emergencies.

With x-ray screening and scaling to clean your teeth, you can get free dental consultation while booking an appointment.