Are Partials Better Than Dentures?

December 16, 2020

Without any doubt, we all would like to keep our natural healthy teeth. By maintaining good oral hygiene and routine dental check-ups and cleanings, you might be able to achieve that. However, you might still lose your teeth. Some of the factors that might cause missing teeth are dental accidents, gum disease, and tooth decay.

If you lose your teeth, you might need a dental restoration to replace the missing ones. When replacing missing teeth on parts or your whole jaw, you can consider partial or full dental prosthesis. However, sometimes people are confused about whether to choose partials or full restorations.

If you have trouble choosing between complete dentures and partial dentures, you can check the benefits and demerits of each.


Partials have a resin base where the dental technologists attach the artificial teeth. Unlike a denture, partials replace one or more missing teeth on the part of your jaw. Since you can remove partials from your jaw without your dentist’s help, they are known as removable partial restorations.


By choosing partials over a full restoration, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlike any other teeth restorations, partials are the cheapest since you don’t require tooth extraction, and they cover some parts of your jaw
  • When you are getting a partial, your dentist will create a dental prosthesis on the same day, bypassing the need to go without restorations for weeks or months
  • The procedure for getting partials is non-invasive since you don’t require surgery to remove any teeth
  • Having partials fitted on your jaw is beneficial since they don’t damage the adjacent teeth


Below are some of the disadvantages of getting partials:

  • Partials are more extensive than your natural teeth, making them uncomfortable until you get used to them
  • They cover a large part of the mouth, which might affect your speech
  • Partials are removable, which makes you prone to bone deterioration
  • With partials, you are prone to mouth infections

Complete Denture

If you have missing teeth on your whole jaw, your dentist might recommend getting a full dental prosthesis to replace them. The dental prosthesis contains acrylic, a metal framework, and artificial teeth that can be acrylic or porcelain.

When you are getting complete dental restorations, you can get a conventional or an immediate denture. The dentist near you might recommend a traditional denture if you need tooth extraction with a waiting period of eight to twelve years, giving your gums time to heal.

If you don’t require tooth extraction, our dentist near you can prepare the gums and jaw and place a complete denture on the same day.


When you choose a complete denture to replace missing teeth on the whole jaw, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • By getting a complete denture, you improve your smile aesthetics since they cover your gums are all artificial teeth have the same size, which gives you a natural look
  • You can consider a complete denture supported by dental implants, providing comfort since they are comfortable and don’t fall easily


Some of the demerits of a complete denture are:

  • Unlike partials, complete dental prosthesis requires the removal of some teeth on the jaw to provide space for the placement of the denture
  • The procedure for getting a complete denture is invasive since it requires surgery to remove some teeth on your jaw
  • If you require tooth removal, you might need time to recover; thus, the procedure takes more time without teeth

Which Dental Restorations Are the Best for You?

When you visit your dentist to replace missing teeth, your dentist will first examine your jaw, gums, and teeth before developing your treatment plan. After checking your teeth, the dentist will recommend a dental restoration, depending on the number of missing teeth on your jaw.

The dentist can discuss the benefits and risks of each dental restoration to help you choose a denture that you are comfortable wearing.

Experienced Dentist Near You

If you are looking to replace your missing teeth, you can contact our dentist in Kane Dental Center. We provide tooth restorations such as partial or complete dental prosthesis, implants, bridges. Therefore, if you need to replace your missing teeth, you can consider any of the above teeth replacement options. Call us now to book an appointment with our dentist near you and learn more about partials and dentures near you. We also welcome patients living in West Stepar Place, West Hills, East 12th Street, West 15th Street, East 19th Street, Thompson Place, Huntington Station, Wheatley Avenue, Wells Place, Goldfinch Lane, and nearby locations.