General Dentists As Providers Of Oral Health Care

March 1, 2021

Have you ever wondered why some dentists are called general dentists? Does it mean they take care of the general aspects of your oral health? A general dentist is a provider of basic oral care. General dentists who are in practice have either the DDS or DMD degree which is earned from various institutions of higher learning. A DDS degree signifies a “doctor of dental surgery” degree while a DMD degree means a “doctor of dental medicine” degree.

General dentists in Melville function in diagnosis as well as treatment of diseases. They also enlighten clients on preventive measures and a good lifestyle that could improve the health of the tooth. A general dentist does not only guarantee the well-being of the natural teeth and gums alone, but this professional also oversees that the artificial structures such as the dental veneers, crowns, bridges, and fillings are all in good condition.

Dentists around you belong to different specialties so that they deal with varying aspects of your oral health. Oral hygiene and dental cleaning are carried out by practitioners involved in general dentistry around you. Melville dentists have a wide array of duties ranging from preventative, remedial, and cosmetic services to complete oral health maintenance. These services provided by general dentists have various processes which comprise of carrying out dental examinations, digital X-rays, diagrams and scans, and tooth whitening. At 21 W 11th Huntington Station, NY 11746, we provide clients with professionals in the field of general dentistry, who perform these procedures. The improvement of your dental health is the main priority of your general dentist.

What Are The Roles Of General Dentists In Assuring That You Have A Good Oral Health?

Most of the services offered by dentists are vital to the continued maintenance of healthy oral health. They are preventive services, restorative services, cosmetic processes, and overall health care. Preventive care helps in stopping the disease even before they earn access into your mouth. Periodic dental examinations, good oral hygiene, and teeth cleanings (to remove traces of plaque and tartar in the mouth) are good head starts for this process. If your dentist discovers a tendency for you to develop a certain infection or disease, steps can be taken to avert such outcomes. These steps include the use of sealant and mouthguard. Your dentist could as well recommend certain lifestyle changes.

Cosmetic processes are enhancements augmented into your dental structure to improve your image. These are dental porcelain veneers and the process of teeth whitening. It could be seen as a dental makeover. Restorative services include substitutes for the missing teeth In your dental structure. As such, when a problem is identified, series of measures are taken to rectify them.

Dental restoration processes involve the closing of cavities in the tooth(tooth filling), removal of tooth decay and in more severe cases, the dental structure can be fixed with the use of dental crowns, dental implants(bridgework), and other forms of dentures. More sophisticated treatment measures include root canal therapy and orthodontics. General oral health awareness information could be accessed around you. You could visit 26 Melville Rd Huntington Station, NY 11746 and get started on your oral disease preventive measures that could work for you and improve your dental image.

How Frequent Should Your Visits To Your General Dentist Be?

This question is usually asked by a lot of clients. This depends largely on the assessments made by your general dentist. But it is recommended by numerous dental associations that you see your dentist every 6 months for preventive services. In more critical cases, your dentists should be the ones to set up appointments. At Windham Dr. Huntington, NY, your dental health is a priority and it is handled with great care. We offer dental procedures such as gum surgery, implants, extractions, bone grafts, replacements, etc among many others. We also offer services to the patients residing South Huntington, Huntington Station, West Hills, Dix Hills, Woodbury, Laurel Hollow, and nearby surrounding communities. Make that call today!.