Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Huntington Station, NY

Patients seeking teeth restoration solutions are today moving towards the aesthetic appeal. Not only does dental bonding offer to restore structure and provide protection, but it also ensures the health of a tooth. Moreover, dental bonding at Kane Dental Care gives a natural look since we utilize tooth-colored resin material.

Our dentists in Huntington Station, NY provide composite bonding to help boost the longevity of a patient’s teeth. We have helped patients improve their teeth shape, size, and functionality with dental bonding procedures.

What is Tooth Bonding?

Dental bonding is a dentistry procedure that utilizes composite resin to repair damaged teeth and enhance their look. Resin is completely wear-resistance while also being able to assume the texture of natural teeth.

Composite resin bonding is durable, strong, and color-matched to blend beautifully with a patient’s smile. Our dentists near you can provide lasting teeth protection from decay with tooth bonding in Huntington Station, NY.

What Issues Does Bonding Address?

We use resin bonding to repair aesthetic, functional, and health concerns of teeth. Among the problems we resolve with bonding near you are:

  • Discolored, misshapen, or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Gapping in teeth
  • Decay or cavities
  • Chippings, breaks, and wearing out of teeth’s enamel

When our dentists apply composite resin, molding, and hardening are done to fill chips, cracks, or fractures present in the teeth.

Tooth Bonding Procedure

Our dentists will perform the following steps during the dental bonding procedure:

  • Select a shade – We select a resin material using a shade guide to color-match the teeth’s natural color.
  • Prepare the tooth – We roughen the tooth and condition it with a special liquid to aid with proper sticking or adherence to the bonding material.
  • Composite resin application – Using a resin material with a putty-like consistency, we apply, mold, and smoothen it to assume the right shape.
  • Harden the resin – We cure the resin using a special light to allow it to bond to the surface.
  • Polish the tooth – Lastly, our dentists near you do any adjustments necessary and polish the tooth, giving it a natural shine.

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