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Dental Fillings in Huntington Station, NY

Thanks to modern dental technology, much of the discomfort of getting dental fillings in Huntington Station, NY, have all but disappeared since most dentists no longer use drills to fill cavities. Instead, they use lasers so that many procedures no longer cause discomfort, and sedation is often unnecessary.

How Lasers Help Fill Cavities

When you have a cavity, one of our dentists needs to clean out of the decay and seal the tooth by filling in the hole it caused in its surface. Instead of using a drill to remove the decay, our dentists at Kane Dental of Huntington use lasers. Water from the laser keeps the tooth cool as our tooth filling dentist near you cuts through bone and soft tissues with it.

Along with a virtually pain-free experience, lasers can also move quickly so that many procedures don’t last as long as they did when using drills. Saving time benefits the patient as well as our dentists. The patient can go to the dentist on their lunch and get back quickly to their jobs since there isn’t any sedation that needs to wear off.

For our dentist at Kane Dental of Huntington, they can see more patients in a day and make more money in Huntington Station, NY.

Choosing Filling Material

To fill your teeth after our dentist removes the decay, you have a choice of two filling materials: amalgam and composite resin. Both materials are strong, but amalgam is the stronger of the two because it contains the metals copper, tin, and silver. It also contains mercury, but the Food and Drug Administration claims it is safe.

Composite resins are nearly invisible because they are white like your teeth, so if you don’t want your fillings to show, you should consider using the composite filling. However, if your cavity is in the back of your mouth in a premolar or molar, then you should pick an amalgam filling. The back teeth need to be sturdy because they are the teeth that need to stand up to the forces of chewing food.

Our tooth filling dentists near you at Kane Dental of Huntington can help you decide which type of dental fillings in Huntington Station, NY, to get for your teeth. Since using a dental laser will make getting them more comfortable, you may finally look forward to seeing our tooth filling dentist for treatments. Book an appointment now.

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