Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting In Huntington Station, NY

Healthy gums are essential for optimal oral health and a confident smile. However, when gums recede due to periodontal disease, aggressive tooth brushing, genetic predisposition, or other factors, it can lead to dental sensitivity and increased risk of tooth decay.

At Kane Dental Care, our experienced team of dentists specializes in gum grafting, a sophisticated procedure to restore and repair receding gums. Our advanced techniques and personalized approach can help you regain healthy, well-protected gums, improve your smile’s appearance, and enhance your overall oral well-being.

Types Of Gum Grafts

During gum grafting in Huntington Station, our dentist will use tissue from another part of your mouth, usually the palate (roof of the mouth), and graft it onto the area with receding gums. The donor tissue can also come from a tissue bank or be synthetic in some cases. The graft covers the exposed root surfaces and helps to restore the gum line to a healthier position.

There are the following three types of gum grafting surgeries:

Connective Tissue Graft

The most common type of gum grafting in Huntington Station, NY, is the connective tissue graft. In this surgery, the dentist makes a small cut in the palate to obtain connective tissue from underneath the top layer. Our experienced dentist then stitches it to the affected area. Once healed, it protects the roots of the teeth and restores the gum line.

Free Gingival Graft

It is similar to a connective tissue grafting surgery, but the donor tissue is taken from the surface of the palate rather than the inner connective tissue.

Pedicle Graft

In this technique, the gum tissue adjacent to the area with receding gums is partially cut and then moved over the exposed root surfaces. The tissue remains attached at one end, creating a flap-like structure.

At Kane Dental Care, our dentists perform gum surgery near you under local anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. The recovery varies with patients, but you can typically resume your regular activities within a few days to a week following the gum grafting surgery.

Reasons For Gum Grafting

Our dentists in Huntington Station, NY, might recommend gum grafting surgery in the following situations-

  • Exposed tooth roots can increase sensitivity, especially to hot, cold, or sweet stimuli. Gum grafting can permanently solve this issue.
  • A receding gum line can also wreck the look of your smile. A gum graft can improve it by restoring a more symmetrical and natural gum line.
  • In some cases, gum grafting may be performed as a preparatory step for other dental treatments like dental implants.

Please visit Kane Dental Care to learn more about our state-of-the-art gum grafting near you and how it can help to restore a healthy smile.