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Gum Grafting in Huntington Station, NY

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Gingival graft, gum graft, or periodontal plastic surgery is a name for the periodontal surgical procedures that are geared to be the covering for an exposed surface of your tooth root with a graft of gum tissue.

When you have exposed tooth roots, they are usually caused by the result of gingival recession because of periodontal disease. There are other causes of course, and some include being overly aggressive when brushing your teeth or other trauma.

  • Subepithelial connective tissue graft – a procedure commonly used to ensure that the exposed roots are covered. The tissue will be removed almost painless from the outer part of your palate and then moved to the site of your gum recession location.
  • Acellular dermal matrix allograft – A procedure that will use donated human tissue that has been medically processed for the grafts tissue source. The procedure advantage is that there is no need for the donor site from your palate.
  • Regular gingival graft – A procedure which is often used for thickening your gum tissue. A layer of your gum tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth and placed on the affected area of your gum recession location. Both sites will heal quickly with no permanent damage.

Reasons for A Gum Graft

Gum grafting in Huntington Station, NY, is indeed a standard procedure. The name might sound scary, but this method almost always has excellent outcomes.

Major Benefits Associated with Gum Grafting

Reduced sensitivity – when your tooth root starts being exposed, if you eat or drink cold or hot foods, it can cause some painful sensitivity to your teeth. The gum grafting will permanently cover that exposed root, reduce the discomfort, and restore your gums to good health.

Improved appearance – Periodontal disease is depicted by gum inflammation and recession. Root exposure by your gum receding can make your teeth looking a lot longer than what is normal and then your smile will look “toothy.” Gum grafting will make your teeth look shorter, more equal and generally much more pleasing to look upon. Adjacent tissue will be enhanced and improved during this procedure for visual purposes.

Improved gum health – the periodontal disease can and could progress and even destroy your gum tissue rapidly. If it is left untreated, you can lose a large amount of your gum tissue can and could be lost in a very short period. Gum grafting will help stop the bone and tissue loss, prevent further issues and protect the exposed roots from any further decay.

Gum Grafting Treatment

Once it has been determined that you need gum grafting, there might be several things your Kane Dental of Huntington will need to do before that takes place. The teeth need to be thoroughly cleaned subgingivally and supra to get rid of the bacteria and tartar. Our periodontist near you, will give you some literature, educational tools, and advice to increase the effectiveness of your home care and reduce the chances of getting the periodontal disease in the future.

A gum grafting procedure is performed with IV sedation that will greatly reduce pain even after you have the procedure. The procedure will depend on if the tissue is going to come from a tissue bank or the roof of your mouth.

Small incisions will be cut at the recipient site to make a small pocket to hold the graft. A split thickness cut is made where the connective tissue graft will be inserted in that space between those two sections of the tissue. The graft is a little larger than what the recession area is, so it will be apparent there is some excess.

Sutures will be placed to stabilize your graft and prevent any shifting from the identified site. Surgical material will be used to shield your surgical site during your first week of healing. Healing and uniformity of your gums can be attained in about six weeks.

If you have more questions about our gum grafting in Huntington Station, NY, please call us here at Kane Dental of Huntington and book an appointment with our periodontist near you.

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