LANAP in Huntington Station, NY

At Kane Dental Care in Huntington Station, NY, we offer LANAP, a revolutionary gum disease treatment that is changing the way patients experience gum surgery. LANAP, which stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a minimally invasive and highly effective alternative to traditional gum surgery. Using advanced laser technology, our skilled periodontist can target and remove diseased gum tissue while preserving healthy tissue, promoting the natural regeneration of the gums.

During the LANAP procedure, a small laser fiber is inserted between the gum tissue and the tooth, targeting bacteria and damaged tissue. The laser’s energy removes the unhealthy tissue and stimulates the bone to encourage new tissue attachment to the tooth’s root surface. This process helps to seal the pocket between the gum and the tooth, preventing reinfection and promoting gum tissue reattachment. LANAP is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring patients remain comfortable and experience minimal pain.

Benefits of LANAP over Traditional Gum Surgery

LANAP in Huntington Station offers several significant benefits over traditional gum surgery. One of the most notable advantages is its minimally invasive nature. Unlike conventional surgery, LANAP does not require scalpels or sutures, reducing discomfort, bleeding, and swelling. Patients can expect a quicker recovery and often return to their daily activities soon after the procedure.

Moreover, LANAP’s precision ensures that healthy gum tissue remains intact, reducing the risk of complications and preserving the smile’s natural appearance. The laser’s ability to promote tissue regeneration contributes to the overall success of the treatment, improving long-term outcomes for patients.

Risks and Complications of LANAP

As with any medical procedure, LANAP does carry some risks and potential complications. However, these are generally minimal and occur less frequently than traditional gum surgery. Some patients may experience mild gum soreness or sensitivity following the procedure, but these symptoms typically resolve within a few days.

While LANAP near me is a safe and well-established treatment, it may not be suitable for all cases of gum disease. Our skilled periodontist will thoroughly examine and discuss the best treatment options for each patient’s condition.

Recovery and Aftercare Following LANAP

The recovery period after LANAP is typically shorter and more comfortable than traditional gum surgery. Patients are advised to follow specific aftercare instructions provided by our dental team. This may include practicing good oral hygiene, avoiding certain foods that could irritate the gums, and attending follow-up appointments for evaluation and monitoring.

For those searching for LANAP surgery near me, Kane Dental Care in Huntington Station, NY, is your trusted destination for advanced gum disease treatments. Our dentists are committed to providing personalized care and utilizing the latest dental technologies to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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If you suffer from gum disease and seek a minimally invasive and highly effective treatment option, LANAP at Kane Dental Care is the answer. Our LANAP procedure offers numerous advantages over traditional gum surgery, including quicker recovery, reduced discomfort, and improved long-term results. Our expert team in Huntington Station, NY, is ready to help you achieve healthier gums and a beautiful smile through this state-of-the-art gum disease treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward optimal oral health.