Partials & Full Dentures

Partials and Full Dentures in Huntington Station, NY

After you have suffered tooth loss from advanced gum disease, trauma, untreated tooth decay, or old age, you can choose dentures as your teeth replacement choice. Kane Dental Care fits dentures in patients to give them another chance to enjoy functional, beautiful smiles and bites.

If you can’t afford dental implants, you can begin things by getting dentures and later upgrading to dental implants. There are even implant-retained dentures that have a strong foundation to improve stability. Our dentists in Huntington Station, NY provide partials and full dentures when you want an affordable tooth replacement solution.

What are Dentures?

A denture is an oral device that can be removed and placed back to replace lost teeth. Dentures replace teeth in the lower, upper, or both jaws. These appliances are crafted from teeth and gum-resembling materials, including resin, porcelain, acrylic, and metal. The materials are so realistic that they replicate bone and gums.

Full Dentures

Many refer to full dentures as complete dentures because they replace whole rows of teeth. Our dentists fit these dentures in the mouth where they rest atop the gums, relying on the palate and the bottom jawbone ridge for their support. Full dentures comprise a gum-colored base and artificial teeth.


People with several or most teeth in the mouth missing within one or either jaw can benefit from partial dentures. Like full dentures, partials rely on the gums and the underlying bone for support. However, they have an additional feature called clasps that provide a hook to support the appliances for enhanced stability.

Denture Procedure

Our dentists examine your mouth and may get X-rays to check the jawbone. If you are fit to get dentures, the treatment begins. Several steps are required in the fabrication of dentures.

  • Taking impressions
  • Making a model
  • Customizing the denture
  • Polishing the denture

Once the dentures are ready comes the fitting process. Our dentists place the new piece in the mouth, checking the fit to see if it’s proper.

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