Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Huntington Station, NY

When accidents happen and teeth chip or fracture, it may require root canals before restoring them. Sometimes when playing sports like hockey or falling and hitting your mouth, teeth can chip or crackdown to the nerves or roots. If this happens, the damaged areas, including the nerves or roots, need repairing, so root canal treatment may be necessary in these cases.

Exposing a Tooth’s Interior

Although you’ll know when you chip or crack a tooth, you may not think anything of it because the damage to the tooth may not hurt right away. It’s only when you are chewing on the tooth or the tooth becomes exposed to hot or cold food that you then feel sharp, throbbing pain running through it.

When you go to one of our endodontist near you at Kane Dental of Huntington, to have the tooth examined, and our endodontist evaluates the damage, they will usually recommend a root canal to repair it. A root canal treatment in Huntington Station, NY, can repair the damage by removing the pulp or nerve, and then reshaping the root and canals, sealing it, and then restoring its function with a crown or onlay.

What to Do When a Tooth Chips or Cracks

If you chip your tooth, and the piece that breaks off is available, keep it in milk or some of your saliva, seal the cup or container with plastic wrap, and contact one of our dentist near you at Kane Dental of Huntington to schedule an emergency appointment. If the chipped tooth happens when they are open, then go to their office so they can fix your tooth.

When a tooth cracks badly, rinse your mouth with warm water and use a gauze pad to stop the bleeding. Again, contact our endodontist near you for an emergency appointment to find out if the tooth is salvageable. If it has a deep vertical crack, then the tooth may need extracting and replacing, but a root canal can help save it.

Having chipped or cracked teeth are not pleasant, but seeing our dentist near you at Kane Dental of Huntington can repair people’s teeth, prevent infections, and maintain many beautiful smiles, as well as the teeth’s functions with root canals. Call us now to schedule an appointment with our expert endodontist and learn more about the procedure.

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