Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Huntington Station, NY

Dental trauma, disease, or crowding are the most common reasons why our tooth removal dentist, may recommend a tooth extraction in Huntington Station, NY. Extensive decay and periodontal disease can lead to irreparable damage. In addition, it is common for certain teeth to become impacted and become unable to erupt properly. Other times, teeth must be removed to prepare for orthodontic treatment.

Tooth Extraction in Huntington Station, NY

Tooth removal is generally a straight forward procedure. For most patients, the process is quick. A local anesthetic is used to numb the treatment area, and the patient remains awake. As some teeth are more difficult to remove due to their position, there may still be some discomfort. This is due to the pressure it takes to extract the tooth. Teeth that are buried in the bone require a more invasive surgical technique.

Root Canal Therapy at Kane Dental of Huntington

Left untreated, infections, and abscesses that affect the root of a tooth may cause serious health problems. Root canal treatment may be an option to save the tooth if treated early. Therefore, it is imperative to seek dental treatment immediately if you show signs of a tooth infection. Failure to do so can lead to medical complications and tooth loss.

What to Expect After Extraction

Following a tooth extraction in Huntington Station, NY, bleeding will occur from the socket where the tooth was removed. Our tooth removal dentist near you, will apply gauze to the treatment area, and the patient will bite down to allow clotting to take place. After 24 hours, bleeding should subside.

Post extraction complications are rare, but they are possible. In these instances, an infection may be present, and antibiotics will be prescribed. Depending on the number of teeth removed, you may experience swelling and or bruising. These symptoms generally disappear in several weeks.  Another post-surgery complication is a dry socket, that will show several days after the tooth is removed. This condition can be very painful and is caused when the blood clot is disrupted in the socket where the tooth was removed. Smoking greatly increases the chances of developing a dry socket.

Our tooth removal dentist near you will give you detailed aftercare instructions before you leave. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to call Kane Dental of Huntington to book a consultation and learn more about the procedure of tooth extraction in Huntington Station, NY.

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