Tooth Extractions in Huntington Station, NY

We all don’t like the idea of having our teeth pulled, but it can arise due to various reasons. At Kane Dental Care, we never intend to pull your teeth; we know we only have one set of permanent teeth. Once we lose them, we can only replace them with artificial teeth.

While today’s replacement teeth are just like real teeth, they are nowhere near permanent teeth. Add to this the aspect of costly replacement procedures; you can see that having real teeth is the best thing. Even so, there are situations that compel our dentists in Huntington Station, NY to conduct tooth extractions.

Reasons to Have Your Teeth Pulled

We recommend that you get your teeth extracted if you have the following:

  • An impacted wisdom tooth
  • Advanced gum disease that has caused damage to the bone
  • Severe decay or infection that threatens the health of nearby teeth
  • A tooth is broken to a point where it is irreparable with a crown or filling
  • A crowded mouth for preparation to receiving braces

Types of Extractions

Whichever the reason you are having your tooth or teeth extracted, we mostly have two kinds of extractions. We do simple and surgical extractions near you. Our dentists will see which extraction procedure to follow based on the nature of the damage and the visibility or accessibility of the tooth.

Simple Extractions – A tooth that is visible or has grown straight requires simple extraction. It is a quick, painless process that takes only a few minutes. Our dentists numb the area of the tooth, waggle it, and pull it out.

Surgical Extractions – These are more detailed and require expertise to conduct them. Our dentists cut into the gums, accessing the tooth stuck underneath the gums. Surgical extractions in Huntington Station, NY are suggested when a tooth is impacted, broken into pieces, or too badly decayed. Dentists sometimes cut into bone or even break the tooth into smaller pieces to remove it. Surgical extractions mostly need oral sedation or deep sedation.

Visit Kane Dental Care in Huntington Station, NY to have a painless tooth extraction experience.