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Woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer. Invisible braces

Crooked Teeth…the Straight Story

Although straightening your teeth may seem purely cosmetic but straight teeth can improve overall health, adding years to your life.

Some benefits of straight teeth:

  • Easier to brush & floss effectively
  • Contributes to a balanced bite
  • Change in facial structure
  • Less prone to fracture

If you are In need of braces but concerned about the:
Physical discomfort of braces
Impact of metal on the beauty of my smile
Age (“I don’t want anyone to see me with braces!”)

The good news is…we have an answer for these concerns! INVISALIGN®
Invisalign is a clear, wireless and comfortable way to straighten your teeth! An almost invisible system that works as quickly and efficiently as traditional metal braces.

INVISALIGN® can repair:

Too many teeth in a small space

Too few teeth in too large a space

Upper teeth project out over lower teeth

Lower teeth project out past upper teeth


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