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Dental Bridges in Huntington Station, NY

Missing teeth can cause other teeth to move or shift out of place.

Dental Bridges are still one of the most popular ways to fill gaps caused by missing teeth. They are the ideal solution for those who prefer non-invasive solutions compared to surgical implants. High-quality dental bridges in Huntington Station, NY, are firm and reliable, and they look and feel just like natural teeth.

If you’re interested in exploring dental bridges for your requirements, you may want to know more about the benefits, costs, and procedures. Feel free to contact our trained staff for guidance and advice.

Dental Bridge Procedure at Kane Dental of Huntington

To design and construct a proper dental bridge for a patient, it’s necessary to have at least two abutments or teeth to anchor the bridge. A dental bridge built on decaying or diseased teeth may fall out or become loose within a short time.

Step 1

The tooth bridge dentist will first prepare the abutment teeth by removing tooth enamel and shaving the tooth to fix a crown. Contouring and reshaping the supporting teeth helps the dentist mount a well-fitting crown on the stub.

The tooth enamel must be carefully removed as incorrect handling may lead to weakened teeth and reduced longevity potential. When implants are used as anchor teeth,

Step 2

The tooth bridge dentist near you, will take accurate impressions of your teeth and adjoining teeth so that the dental lab can construct a dental bridge of the right size, shape, and color. A senior lab technician usually oversees dental bridge construction at dental labs.

The crown should ideally fit onto the teeth like a glove as the dental bridge needs to be fixed firmly onto the crown.

Step 3

The dental bridge will then be cemented into both crowns on either side of the gap using a special curing light. Dental bridges are permanent and cannot be removed without the dentist’s intervention.

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